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Eros awake

on the ship, lets call it Lalelu

when i meet a nice galactic brother

and he shows me something in the golden book



~because there is no suffering in heaven and no doubts and noone would ever give up on his one true love~


when i am on the ship

reading the golden book

i take the letters out of the book

because the letters want that

they want to come to me

i let the letters flow into my hands

i watch them how they look like on my fingertips

and i raise my arms

so the letters can flow and run down my arms

until they reach my body

they are melting

on my skin

and they are running down on my skin

greedy and crazy to soon

enter into the finest particle of my physical body

to let every atom reach out from within

they can not sink deep enough

into my cells

they want to whistle to me how eternity wants to be like

everytime they do that 

they will find newer ways

and everytime they are getting more hungry

to whistle to me

longing for more

oh I forgot to leave the ship

its too late now



♥ ♥ ♥ Resurrection of the Sisterhood of the Rose ♥ ♥ ♥

Schwesternschaft der Rose

Dear ones,

On this page I am sharing meditations, experiences and more intuitive knowledge for celebrating the sharing-time and to inspire others who are on the same path.

The following is a meditation for the reactivation of the Sisterhood of the Rose which can be done in a group meeting. Since a few months I have regathered a group to anchor the Goddess energy regularly once a week within a group. Usually I write an invitation with a short program and send it per e-mail or in an event on Facebook with clear expectations I have for the participants. I buy some roses before the meeting and while connecting with the Goddess Isis and/or Iona I say to myself: “And if no-one is coming, I will celebrate alone with the Goddess, the Goddess will guide me and us all”. I say that, to reassure myself of my unconditional decision, willing in assisting to bring the harmony back. I feel the loving energy of the Goddess and it is wonderful how people are guided to come. For example in the last meeting we where 3 lights – 2 women and 1 men- and it was extremely powerful.

A few weeks ago we where 8 lights and this beautiful reactivation-meditation came through me, so I will share it here.

The introduction part -the collumn of light- is similar like in the meditations Isis and Cobra have shared with us in their conferences, as well many things about the Goddess energy comes from Isis and Cobra, so they have inspired me already a lot. Many thanks to them – their work, love and light is much appreciated.

Meditation for the re-activation of the Sisterhood of the Rose:

1. A pillar of brilliant whitegolden light is coming from Source, pouring through all of our bodies: physical, plasma-body, etherical (aura/energy-body), astral-emotional, mental, coming down into the center of the earth.

2. We feel the light flowing trough us, entering the heart of the earth. We breathe the light into all of our bodies. All we want to let go, we breathe out. We breathe like that for a few moments.

3. A blue pillar of light comes up from the heart of earth, all around and through us until it enters Source.

4. The threefold pink-blue-golden flame comes from Source all the way down, through all our bodies and chakras, around and through us until it enters the heart of the earth. We feel the threefold flame in our hearts, in the heart of earth and in Source. We see how it increases until we are amidst a giant threefold flame.

5. We visualize a huge lightship above our heads, the ship of Isis and Ashtar. We great Isis and invoke her to come into our physical body, in all of our being. And to invoke her with the appropriate energy, we sing the mantra OM MANI PADME HUM (spoken: “om mani peme hung”) 3 times together. (The guide of the meditation sings it first to show and then all sing it together 3 times.)

6. We imagine Isis as a big red rose and we imagine a rose in our heart. We concentrate on the spiralling energy that comes from the magnificiant Isis-rose into the rose in our heart. We feel the connection with Isis, we feel how the energy manifests more and more in our beings and the rose in our heart gets bigger and bigger, is growing with every breath until the rose is so big that it embraces our full being.

7. Now we are a circle of large roses, above us the rose of Isis. We are building one big spiral together, like a galaxy, we are the center and the energy is broadening throughout our town like the spiral arms of a galaxy. It grows even more, until it is as big as our country, grows until it is as big as the continent and finally as big as earth. We feel the energy coming from Isis, flowing through us in spirals and flowing through the whole planet, embracing all life on earth, harmonizing every imbalance, nurturing everything with divine love and compassion.

8. We visualize many other circles of roses with the Isis-rose in their middle, all around the planet and we connect with them energetically.

9. We say now the following, always the guide says one sentence and then the group repeats:

“As the power of my I AM presence I am willing to be part of the re-activation of the Sisterhood of the Rose.

As the power of my I Am presence I am witness, here in this place (Town/village) and today (date) that the Sisterhood of the Rose is getting activated and active again.

As the power of my I AM presence I am confirming that I am reawakening all my knowledge and abilities from earlier times now.

I am willing to inhabit my full I AM presence and to consciously invoke the Goddess Isis to heal myself, the planet and all life.

Here and today I am witness of the sacred resurrection of the mysteries of the Goddess on planet earth, bringing them into life in all their meanings, with my whole being.

Here and today I am witness of the victory of the Goddess over all fear, hate and doubts. The Love and the power of the Goddess has overcome all evil.

I am willing to be an instrument of the divine love of the Goddess on all levels, meanings, spaces and times.

Thank you beloved friend Goddess Isis, let us have the most loving time together, now and forever.

May there be peace, harmony, bliss, abundance love and joy forever, for everyone and for all of creation.

Om mani padme hum (3 times or 9)”

~ Goddess blessings to you ~

Maria Magdalena




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