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Berlin Vortex Hexagram

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Last week we put the vortex of Berlin into such a Hexagram as described here, a big one around the dome of Berlin, so other important buildings and places where included…… after this tour, at the end, we visited again our first spot and we only then saw this statue…… This really took our breath because while looking nearer and understanding it, it is very interesting: This staue stands besides the oldest church in Berlin called “Nikolaikirche”. And right besides the church is this statue. She has no clothing, only a soft cloth which does not represent any social thing about her. This means she does not belong to any institution, so it is not a queen or princess or nobility. Her upper body is naked and she has no shoes, also no hair dress, her hair is long but plaited without any accessoires, also she has no jewelry. Under her feet is a roman suit of armor and a roman helmet. She makes a gesture as if she was holding a spear, yet there is no spear. The expression in her face is completely balanced, pure and focused, relaxed and concentrated. She expresses inner strength and greatness, she makes the impression of being completely soft and virtuous.

Our interpretation of this statue was that she represents the victory of the light over the old empire which has its roots in the roman time. The speer symbolizes the victory over the forces that she has conquered, what is under her feet, the powers that supress humanity. As she has no spear, her weapon is not material, her weapon is love. This is symbolized through the open upper body. She is not a warlike being and this is shown through the expression in her face, her gesture and the whole posture. The long hair represents the spiritual power and that it is plaited is a sign of her virtuosity.
She does not need shoes, clothes, jewelry, hairdress, physical weapons. She only needs being virtous and this is why she is a Goddess, not human.
Which is the most amazing thing is, that she is standing besides of the oldest church, waiting there since hundreds of years for the victory of light. So those who built it, knew, the time would come one day.

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♥ ♥ ♥ Let us free the name of Isis from all distortions ♥ ♥ ♥

Rose Isis

Let us visualize the name of Isis inside of a red rose and feel how the rose absorbs all distortions and false programmings that was and is done with and in that name. After concentrating on that we can bring the rose into the central sun and observe how it explodes into light. No special date or time this time, just anytime.


We can do this as well with the word “Maria” and “Jesus Christ”, because humanity was programmed to feel as sinners in connection with Maria, pleasing her to forgive them. Of course it is good to forgive and to ask for forgiveness, but Maria was used by bad intent by the cabal to manipulate humanity. I wonder how many would have visited the churches without mercyful Maria. The crucified Jesus was misused to make the masses believe that their sins are the reason why he had to die for them. He was killed because he was teaching to people that they are powerful. This is why he was crucified, not because he had to redeem us from our sins. His life may have been a sacrifice, yes – because all higher evolved beings that incarnate into a lower dimension do a sacrifice, as such things are not joyful for them. Joyful in an advanced sense, as they see humanity being saved, yet, for themselves throughout those lifetimes it is not their highest joy to experience lower dimensions.


We can clear everything like this, also our own names, birthdates, adress, family connections, patterns that cause disease or negative emotions. The rose helps with everything. Important is, to let it explode afterwards inside of the central sun or in a huge violet flame, so the absorbed energies can truly be transformed and to observe this.


So much love for you everyone, ascension is coming our ways. Truly, love is victorious.

Transform the Jesuits-negative-emotions-programming-network!

Maria Schlange Isaisweiher

Many of the churches have spheres with antennas on their tops and a Goo stone under the altar. Those are technologies used on purpose since hundreds of years. The sphere-antenna technology is actually a Vril-free-energy-technology sending and strenghtening the emotions/informations that are being created in the churches and amplified through the Goo stones. Emotions are the most powerful manifestation tool. In most of the cases emotions created in churches through the misuse and in the name of Jesus Christ and Maria are variations of fear, shame, guilt and suffering, sadism and masochism despite the good intent of the visitors. The crucified Jesus Christ hanging directly under the sending spheres indeed shows very visible what the masses experience on their own skin, blasphemically in the open, yet staying unrealized (the true message of Christ was that he wanted us to understand that we are creators). The energy of the catholic rituals done in public -and very abusive rituals secretly- is also sent out in this way and manifested in the unconsciousness of humanity. So not all of humanity has to visit the churches, as the emotions and informations created and amplified there are sent out for all beings. Now we will use that technology for the positive direction, for deprogramming those exact patterns. We will create fields of higher dimensional structure through the use of free energy symbols of divine light. We will bury stones with symbols (see below) in the shape of a Hexagram around the churches. All 11 symbols are getting burried at every single spot of the 6 spots around one church. This symbols will enable higher dimensional beings to work directly within this dimension. 48 hours after the stones will have been buried, the field of divine light will have reached its full power and is able to solve all negative structures created by the catholic church and all related minions. The churches then are sending the positive information through the technology that is already working since hundreds of years. This fields of divine light have an unstoppable power and they bring the divine plan besides many other things many people are doing on this planet into physical reality. The plasma octupus recently described by Cobra here can only stay as long as the guilt-, shame-, fear- and suffering-patterns are present. Karma and debt-slavery-financial-system are guilt-shame-fear-suffering-sadism-masochism-programs, implemented through the fitting emotions. So the head of the octopus is guilt, shame, fear and suffering, this is the attachement point which we are removing personally, globally and through actions like this one.


Gold Symbole

Example stones


You need acryl color or Edding (I use gold acryl color because gold has fastest speed in transmitting information) and stones.

Paint the symbols on the stones, so for every spot all symbols are present, this means for every church 66 small paintings. If the stones are big enough you can draw several symbols on one stone.

Bury them around a church in the shape of a Hexagram (two overlapping triangles). The size of this Hexagram can also be a bit bigger, for example up to 500 meters, it can also be directly put around the church. As well other buildings with a sphere-antenna technology can be put into such a field, actually every space can. Maybe somone wants to do this in Long Island. This symbols can not be misused, they transform everything into divine light for the highest good of all that is.

After burying, say the following on every spot:


Vril, Vril, Vril,

Nomil, Nomil, Nomil,

Sentil, Sentil, Sentil,

Avatara, Avatara, Avatara,

Unaluur, Unaluur, Unaluur,

Uun, Uun, Uun,

Tiran, Tiran, Tiran,

Palun, Palun, Palun,

Paradies, Paradies, Paradies,

Elomin, Elomin, Elomin,  (….not: Elohim)

Sandyl, Sandyl, Sandyl,


to work here in this Vortex at this exact spot (adress of spot, area, town) and also through the ethereal network technologies in and on the churches in (place, town, country, continent,the whole planet earth) and to transform all dark, sadistic, masochistic, guilt-, shame-, fear- and suffering-creating energies into divine light and to remove all energies that cause illness and to delete all energies that limit the flow of divine light, now and forever for all beings in all times, all spaces, all dimensions and for the whole creation. So be it, so it is, now until eternity, thank you. ABRACADABRA, ABRACADABRA, ABRACADABRA.”

Bless the stones and thank. If you want you can additionally ask for protection of the stones for the next 48 hours. When the stones are more than 48 present there, the field will be there, no matter what will happen to the stones.

You can please Archangel Michael for protection of the stones. Or you can say: “Oos, oos, oos, please protect the stones for the next 48 hours with a cloak.”

During this speech it is of significance that we say the names of the symbols 3 times.

Thank you all, dearest lights, for participating, this is also much joy, if you do it at least as 2 persons, this is quite fun. Enjoy! So much loooooooooveeeeee to all of you!!! Be blessed!



Berliner Dom

Berliner Dom



Lichtsymbol 13

VRIL (order in chaos)

Lichtsymbol 11

NOMIL (quantum leap)

Lichtsymbol 9

SENTIL (key symbol of time codon, deletes and harmonizes fear °°° time-freedom)

Lichtsymbol 10

AVATARA (represents the highest dimension, healing on all levels, frees from all lower-dimensional negative boundaries)

Lichtsymbol 8

UNALUUR (divine Source)

Lichtsymbol 7

UUN (group spirit in divine guidance, realizing projects of divine light)

Lichtsymbol 5

TIRAN (carma dissolving – reduces collective suffering)

Lichtsymbol 6

PALUN (partnership on all levels, gathering of soul families)

Lichtsymbol 3

PARADIES (transforms guilt on all levels)

Lichtsymbol 1

ELOMIN (end of all manipulation, reconnecting to Source, complete freedom)

Lichtsymbol 4

SANDYL (hope and liberation, angel of the fallen, straighten them into the divine light)


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