♥ ♥ ♥ Let us free the name of Isis from all distortions ♥ ♥ ♥

Rose Isis

Let us visualize the name of Isis inside of a red rose and feel how the rose absorbs all distortions and false programmings that was and is done with and in that name. After concentrating on that we can bring the rose into the central sun and observe how it explodes into light. No special date or time this time, just anytime.


We can do this as well with the word “Maria” and “Jesus Christ”, because humanity was programmed to feel as sinners in connection with Maria, pleasing her to forgive them. Of course it is good to forgive and to ask for forgiveness, but Maria was used by bad intent by the cabal to manipulate humanity. I wonder how many would have visited the churches without mercyful Maria. The crucified Jesus was misused to make the masses believe that their sins are the reason why he had to die for them. He was killed because he was teaching to people that they are powerful. This is why he was crucified, not because he had to redeem us from our sins. His life may have been a sacrifice, yes – because all higher evolved beings that incarnate into a lower dimension do a sacrifice, as such things are not joyful for them. Joyful in an advanced sense, as they see humanity being saved, yet, for themselves throughout those lifetimes it is not their highest joy to experience lower dimensions.


We can clear everything like this, also our own names, birthdates, adress, family connections, patterns that cause disease or negative emotions. The rose helps with everything. Important is, to let it explode afterwards inside of the central sun or in a huge violet flame, so the absorbed energies can truly be transformed and to observe this.


So much love for you everyone, ascension is coming our ways. Truly, love is victorious.

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