Berlin Vortex Hexagram

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Last week we put the vortex of Berlin into such a Hexagram as described here, a big one around the dome of Berlin, so other important buildings and places where included…… after this tour, at the end, we visited again our first spot and we only then saw this statue…… This really took our breath because while looking nearer and understanding it, it is very interesting: This staue stands besides the oldest church in Berlin called “Nikolaikirche”. And right besides the church is this statue. She has no clothing, only a soft cloth which does not represent any social thing about her. This means she does not belong to any institution, so it is not a queen or princess or nobility. Her upper body is naked and she has no shoes, also no hair dress, her hair is long but plaited without any accessoires, also she has no jewelry. Under her feet is a roman suit of armor and a roman helmet. She makes a gesture as if she was holding a spear, yet there is no spear. The expression in her face is completely balanced, pure and focused, relaxed and concentrated. She expresses inner strength and greatness, she makes the impression of being completely soft and virtuous.

Our interpretation of this statue was that she represents the victory of the light over the old empire which has its roots in the roman time. The speer symbolizes the victory over the forces that she has conquered, what is under her feet, the powers that supress humanity. As she has no spear, her weapon is not material, her weapon is love. This is symbolized through the open upper body. She is not a warlike being and this is shown through the expression in her face, her gesture and the whole posture. The long hair represents the spiritual power and that it is plaited is a sign of her virtuosity.
She does not need shoes, clothes, jewelry, hairdress, physical weapons. She only needs being virtous and this is why she is a Goddess, not human.
Which is the most amazing thing is, that she is standing besides of the oldest church, waiting there since hundreds of years for the victory of light. So those who built it, knew, the time would come one day.

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