~Activation of the mandala of 144.000 starbeings of light, the volunteers of Sanat Kumara~


mandala activating

♥ EVERY   T~H~U~R~S~D~A~Y♥ 7:00 – 7:30 pm UTC

Your local time shows up automatically by click here:


~Put yourself into a pillar of brilliant white light, coming from the Central Sun -the center of our Milky Way- reaching through you until the center of the earth. Invoke the angels, ascended masters and other beings of light you feel a resonance with for manifesting bliss on earth.

~Invite the most loving and beautiful angel you can imagine above your head, decending into your body and merging with your whole being. Realize, this is your true YOU. Feel your angelic presence for a while and connect with all the other beautiful loving angels that are meditating with you.

~Feel and see the light of the Central Sun flowing through the chalice made of moldavite with 144.000 facets, carrying the threefold golden-pink-blue flame. See the light further entering our whole angelic mandala around planet earth and feel the connection of our souls.

~Allow yourself to receive the bliss, entering your being from beyond the stars. Aknowledge yourself as a master. Know that you are at the perfect place, wherever you are. Thank yourself for all you have accomplished throughout the millennia.

You can read about °°°THE ORDER OF THE STAR°°° in this article: http://2012portal.blogspot.de/2012/09/brotherhood-of-star-this-blog-post-will.html


If you wish you can join the event on Facebook here and share and invite:



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