♥ The Eye of Horus ♥

eye of horus

~every saturday at 6 pm UTC~ CLICK HERE FOR YOUR LOCAL TIME:


1. See us all as giant galactic angels of light in one big circle around planet earth.

2. Create a blue pillar of light coming from the Central Sun around and through you and all around and through earth.

3. Visualize earth inside of a huge red rose and see the sacred symbol of the Eye of Horus (see pic) also inside of that red rose. Feel and observe how earth and the symbol gets purified and deprogrammed from all misuse done with it.

4. Take earth and the symbol out of the rose and bring the rose into the central sun. Observe (!) how the rose explodes into light inside of the Central Sun.

5. Visualize earth and see the symbol all around earth, light flowing through it. Observe how the Eye of Horus brings divine enlightenment and pure innocence of the soul to every being. See and feel all beings as beautiful innocent children of the Divine.

(Throughout the time different symbols will be in focus.)

Please do a clearing afterwards for your own wellbeing, for example this one.

You can also join on Facebook.


❤ Thank you for co-creating ❤

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