~Create with the sacred symbols~


~every Saturday at 6 pm UTC~



1. See us all as giant galactic angels of light in one big circle around planet earth.

2. Create a blue pillar of light coming from the Central Sun around you until the center of earth.

3. Visualize earth and Anubis inside of a huge red rose. Feel and observe how the earth and “Anubis” gets purified and deprogrammed from all misuse done with it, the rose soaking up all dark energy. (the rose stays red)

4. Take earth and the symbol out of the rose and bring the rose into the Central Sun. Observe (!) how the rose explodes into light inside of the Central Sun.

5. Visualize earth and see the symbol Anubis all around earth. See him connected with the “lightless light that lights the light that lights all souls”, flowing through him and through everything. Observe how Anubis protects the liberation movement and all its inhabitants as well as all other beings of goodness. See how he restores all damage that has been done to creation and all sentient beings. Observe him bringing justice and divine order for all sentient life, magically. Create with him a world that is guided by truly enlightened souls, by beings of divine wisdom and see him remove all beings from their positions that misuse their power for the betrayal of humanity and the destruction of the whole planet.

>>>October-Bonus: See him bring back all our lost family members, joining us in oneness again, reuniting in true forgiveness, self-forgiveness, true love and self-love…


Please do a clearing afterwards for your own wellbeing, for example this one from Cobra:

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One response to “Anubis”

  1. Fates De Whynot says :

    Ren Anapa Ka

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