Deprogram Atlantis

Create with the sacred symbols

Every Saturday from 7:00-7:30 pm UTC until the next symbol


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Let us remove the programmming of the atlantean trauma from our consciousness!
The momentous state of consciousness of most humans is only the tip of the iceberg of what we truly are. Why do most humans not remember their past lives or only small parts? Our great forgetting of nearly everything is likewise a loss of our original abilities. This lack of reaching of our own being is part of the reason why the world remains in the narcotic belief system which is manifested as the veil. Trauma is and has been used to program consciousness of living creatures. During a trauma the traumatized person will be kicked out of their reality. Everything that happens or is said during the trauma is a determining in the unconsciousness, a new-programming. This new programs work without us being able to do anything and they establish nearly everything we think, do and feel until we get aware of them and dissolve them. This is why I would ask you to join me in this very powerful operation. It will further awaken us and the collective field from the anesthesia, strenghten our abilies and therefore make it easier for us to create the world we want to live in.



Atlantis deprogram 1

  1. Start at 7:00 pm UTC. Concentrate with your physical eyes on this picture while you perceive yourself with all other angels of light taking part in a circle around Atlantis. Meditate like this for the duration of 15 minutes.


atlantis lotus

2. Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes, still in the circle around Atlantis. Visualize yourself sitting in a big white lotus flower. In our middle is an even bigger white lotus flower, inside of it is Atlantis. See also the word “Atlantis” in that white lotus flower. Stay connected like this for another 15 minutes. Feel and observe, whatever it is.


Here you can join on Facebook.

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