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The Goddess of Victory

Goddess Victoria

Dear ones, the time has come to understand we are right before the end of this great battle between light and dark, good and evil. Therefore to invoke the energy of the Goddess of Victory who is leading us into the final stage, ending duality forever, could be an enormous tool. Her vastness being is eternal and no one knows what exactly awaits us, maybe not even the Source itself. As we invoke now the energy of the Goddess Victoria, Athena, Nike, Nephtys, Ereschkigal, which are only a few of her many names, we are able to transcend our lower programming. She can help us to overcome our low thinking about ourselves and others. With her help we can serve the Divine Plan without understanding everything of the circumstances right now. Her energy of speed and skill gives us a blast forward without us doubting ourselves any longer – we just do it, no matter the outcome. Sometimes we might feel, our time never comes, but this is not true, we just do not understand the whole picture. She is here to guide us through the underworld of our subconsciousness. This is essential to understand, as in the moment our subconsciousness is much more guiding the whole, as the rest is not awakened yet. So, Nike is guiding us through the end cycle of duality, the dusk of this old age. This is not the end of her work, it is only a tiny little facet that can help us understand her nature. She indeed is guiding ALL transitions. The exact meaning of the name “Nephtys” means “Death Which is Not Eternal” (!), so she is here to help us make ourselves re-born and when being whole-healed again, to ascend. Her energy helps us overcome our shadows through understanding and integrating them, becoming whole by allowing to be who we are. Her presence is to connect us mystically with the Source, I AM presence of our own divine being. She connects us with I AM that I AM. In first glance it can be very touching, as she remembers us of everything forgotten, our past and also of our yet uncovered aspects of the future, bringing it into the NOW. As soon as we allow her to affect us, we start a journey into our shadows, that can be uncomfortable but very healing, and it can as well be very positively surprising, as she brings EVERYTHING hidden to the surface, also the good things. In this intense time, as it gets more visible everyday, soon we will have arrived in the new age, being amazed how we finally made it. We can connect with her, as she is one of the main forces behind the liberation together with her twin soul Marduk, who as well is an ascended master of the light who can be invoked to transmit many many characteristics of magic of light. Their time will come, as after the liberation of planet earth, they will have reached their goal of conquering the dark forces with justice, power, love and mercy and much wisdom of the new age. In the new age many things are treated differently and we can invoke their presence to teach us how to do that. Ereschkigals friendship and loyalty to Ishtar-Isis is legendary, also if not reported like that always in history. There are many misunderstood teachings of all those mysteries. For example, in the old testament God is called JAHWE and that being is the same being like Jaho, Satan, Seth. So it should not take us wonder that Ishtar sometimes was described as bloodthirsty and Ereschkigal as Goddess of the underworld is misunderstood. The truth is, Ereschkigal and Marduk where always fighing against Jaho-Seth-Satan. As we know, history has been rewritten by dark forces, we must read all that is available, observe and make our own conclusions.

We have learned the ascended masters are guiding us from their ships and we are just transmitting and anchoring their energies. Right now, many of the ascended masters that are guiding us, have certain tasks together, for example Isis and Ashtar, Isis and Toth, Isis and Marduk, Nephtys and Ashtar, Ashtar and St.Germain, Nephtys and Isis and so on. Their energies are all inter-connected and they connect in the way circumstances appear.

Back to the Goddess of Victory, I so love the expression in this statue, it represents her energy so beautifully. She is my personal Heroe and when I think at her I must cry many times, as this angel has a very touching energy. She helps healing our emotional body, Goddess of the Sea, Goddess of emotions and she has the ability to make our chaotic life appear as a shiny diamond. She helps us polish our facets, to unveil a symphony of beauty.

At the end I would like to share an invocation:

Wherever She Goes,
We will follow,
Through heavens and hells
We will attempt to stay
In her wake, made for us!
Athena the unstoppable!
Our call for Justice
Has been heard
Though there is also it seems
A time to fight.
Athena! Please champion us!
Whoever has you as their leader
Is the best  in battle, the strongest  too,
Not only in their powers,
But of those from you.
Wherever you take us, Athena
We follow with trust
For justice and truth,
Take us where you must!
The invocation is from this site, there are many more poems that can give us an idea about her energy. Enjoy! I would like you to understand that those invocations are NOT because the ascended masters want or need to be worshipped the way some might understand it. The prayers are to attract their divine energy to ease our lifes as much as possible. As we speak an invocation we lift our own aspect according to the angel invoked, we strengthen our Nephtys-aspect inside; this is the secret.

You can read some Templar texts here, up to now only in german:

♥ ♥ ♥ Divine blessings of Goddess Nephtys ♥ ♥ ♥


Victory of the Light!





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