Doubts? No… and butterflies…


Wow, do you see this?

It reminds me of a dream I had 10 or 11 years ago….

Or even longer…

I dreamed I would enter into a lift and exit as a butterfly!

°°°°°°°° °°°°°°°°°° °°°°°°°°°°°°°°

When I first heard the word “karma” I was maybe 12 years old?

I was smiling inside with a feeling like “HA HA HA” (which astonished me about myself) But at that moment I had a deep inner knowing “I do not have KARMA, but I will not tell anybody, because they would not understand” …… Indeed, this conviction changed as my life progressed further….. When I read about the theorie that “Karma” is an Archon-program I remembered that first experience…. And, once again, I KNEW what I knew before.


Beloveds, beloveds!

Besides that we are all one, which is true, for sure, I must tell you something:

You CAAAN’T imagine what has been planned and conspired to prevent lightworkers from their missions. And you really really have no idea HOW luminous beings you are. It is even more important now to emerge FULLY. To disconnect from ALL 3D relationships without ANY exception. No, they do not need us. Last test: “We will do everything to make you stay as our victim- otherwise we have no meaning in life, if you are not under our control. We are so poor and you are guilty of everything” (=talk of their unconsciousness). We ARE LOVE. I Know. We have served ALL our lives to bear everything for humanity so they would somehow go through all of this. NOW the moment has come, when exactly that as well has to end. Of course we must go on with meditations, I mean the 3D-relationship stuff.

By the way, thank you that I am allowed to say this to you, right now I am saying this to myself as well. You know, everytime I really want “to get it started” someone or something comes in between and I am depleted again, sometimes for even years. So we must be very careful for every trap that we create by ourselves by letting the matching situations show up. There is no more tricky than my unconsiousness. I must have trust.

There are also technologies or programs to make sure every emotion has to be cleared by the lightworkers (only example). The problem is, if we do everything for them, they will never learn anything. (I know that there is no “us” and “them” in the eternal, but right now we are not there).

The reason why I say this is this:


Now the energy is clear enough to let “them” (and all of you, you know EXACTLY who I mean 😉 (no, not the cabal)) learn something too, as we are doing already enough to support the energies for them/all.


As soon as we stop to play their 3d dramas and ROLES, and when we disconnect from the collective, we emerge a millionfold in power. The result is, we can “help” the masses much more. In short: We must set some borders in order to lift them up even more powerful. It is all about resonance. Connect with your soul family and neighbour soul family. If you are not there yet, decide so. If you have already accomplished all of this, you are very lucky and can smile warmly with me.

❤ Lots of Love I have for you, all of you ❤





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