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Sunday 28, August 28, 2016:



It is time to take action again! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! We all agree that the process of planetary liberation is taking too long. Here is our chance to collectively speed up the process. Therefore we are upgrading our Weekly Event Meditation and transforming it into Weekly Ascension Meditation to reach as many people as possible to join us
Make this viral! Share it worldwide! Please post it on your websites and blogs. Invite spiritual groups to join us. If you know an alternative media outlet, you can send it to them. You can create a Facebook group for your local group of people doing this in your part of the world. We also need one main Facebook group for this event. You can create a video about this and post it on Youtube.
Scientific studies have confirmed positive effects of mass meditations on human society, so each of you that will participate in this meditation can actually help bringing the Event closer to us:
This meditation helps the Light forces to ground the energy of Light on the surface of the planet to strengthen the Light grid which is needed to speed up the process of Ascension. Number of people doing that meditation is the single most influential factor within the power of the surface human population for speeding up process.
We are now shifting our mediation to 4 pm GMT each Sunday to allow people in Asia to meditate together with us. We are always doing this meditation at 4 pm GMT each Sunday, regardless of winter / summer time. You can convert 4 pm GMT to your local time zone here:
Or here:
1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness
2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to speed up the process of Ascenison for planet Earth and its inhabitants
3. Visualize a pillar of Light emanating from the Galactic Central Sun, then going through all points of Light inside our Solar System and then through your body to the center of the Earth. Visualize another pillar of Light rising from the center of the Earth, then up through your body and upwards into the sky towards all beings of Light in our Solar System and our galaxy. You are now sitting in two pillars of Light, the Light flowing both upwards and downwards simultaneously. Keep these pillars of Light active for a few minutes.
4. Now visualize this Light as a rainbow vortex, expanding throughout the whole Earth and then throughout the whole Solar System, removing all darkness and anomaly, dissolving the Matrix and bringing happiness, abundance, peace and love to all beings inside our Solar system.
5.Visualize full Disclosure and massive information releases about the extraterrestrial presence and secret space programs through the mass media. Visualize the creation of the new fair financial system for everybody. Visualize the First Contact with benenvolent ET races. Visualize the Event taking place, finally liberating planet Earth.
Victory of the Light!”

Doubts? No… and butterflies…


Wow, do you see this?

It reminds me of a dream I had 10 or 11 years ago….

Or even longer…

I dreamed I would enter into a lift and exit as a butterfly!

°°°°°°°° °°°°°°°°°° °°°°°°°°°°°°°°

When I first heard the word “karma” I was maybe 12 years old?

I was smiling inside with a feeling like “HA HA HA” (which astonished me about myself) But at that moment I had a deep inner knowing “I do not have KARMA, but I will not tell anybody, because they would not understand” …… Indeed, this conviction changed as my life progressed further….. When I read about the theorie that “Karma” is an Archon-program I remembered that first experience…. And, once again, I KNEW what I knew before.


Beloveds, beloveds!

Besides that we are all one, which is true, for sure, I must tell you something:

You CAAAN’T imagine what has been planned and conspired to prevent lightworkers from their missions. And you really really have no idea HOW luminous beings you are. It is even more important now to emerge FULLY. To disconnect from ALL 3D relationships without ANY exception. No, they do not need us. Last test: “We will do everything to make you stay as our victim- otherwise we have no meaning in life, if you are not under our control. We are so poor and you are guilty of everything” (=talk of their unconsciousness). We ARE LOVE. I Know. We have served ALL our lives to bear everything for humanity so they would somehow go through all of this. NOW the moment has come, when exactly that as well has to end. Of course we must go on with meditations, I mean the 3D-relationship stuff.

By the way, thank you that I am allowed to say this to you, right now I am saying this to myself as well. You know, everytime I really want “to get it started” someone or something comes in between and I am depleted again, sometimes for even years. So we must be very careful for every trap that we create by ourselves by letting the matching situations show up. There is no more tricky than my unconsiousness. I must have trust.

There are also technologies or programs to make sure every emotion has to be cleared by the lightworkers (only example). The problem is, if we do everything for them, they will never learn anything. (I know that there is no “us” and “them” in the eternal, but right now we are not there).

The reason why I say this is this:


Now the energy is clear enough to let “them” (and all of you, you know EXACTLY who I mean 😉 (no, not the cabal)) learn something too, as we are doing already enough to support the energies for them/all.


As soon as we stop to play their 3d dramas and ROLES, and when we disconnect from the collective, we emerge a millionfold in power. The result is, we can “help” the masses much more. In short: We must set some borders in order to lift them up even more powerful. It is all about resonance. Connect with your soul family and neighbour soul family. If you are not there yet, decide so. If you have already accomplished all of this, you are very lucky and can smile warmly with me.

❤ Lots of Love I have for you, all of you ❤





One-ness versus Anomaly

Wonderful words, to stay/enter into a high vibration:
A Comment by 4DAT:
“4DATJuly 18, 2016 at 4:40 PM
Excellent. We are reaching that pivotal point in ‘time’. We all get to make the decision. For me there is still only one place this is being released and it is not outwith in the illusory projection but within from whence it hails.
From my perspective we are the Ones we are waiting for and no amount of wailing and gnashing of teeth will alter what we are ‘mis creating’ out there, that is trying to fix the effect, without finding that key within.
Only we can do that in our own unique way and the rest follows suit. There is only One side and seeing these souls as servants, catalysts, in our final awakening really alters things and allows forgiveness. Despite outside appearances it feels like we are most definitely there.
Gratitude and love to ALL for immense efforts in every respect.
4DATJuly 18, 2016 at 4:55 PM
Any attempt to find meaning in the Insanity which it outwith is a reversal of where one might be better off looking. Here is wonderful reminder from our Brother and so appropriate for precisely where we are now.
“You who believe that God (Source, Prime Creator or your preferred label) is fear made but one substitution. It has
taken many forms, because it was the substitution of illusion for
truth; of fragmentation for wholeness. It has become so splintered
and subdivided and divided again, over and over, that it is now almost
impossible to perceive it once was One, and still is what it was.That
one error, which brought truth to illusion, infinity to time, and life to
death, was all you ever made. Your whole world rests upon it.
Everything you see reflects it, and every special relationship which
you have ever made is part of it.
You have expressed surprise at hearing how very different is
reality from what you see. You do not realize the magnitude of that
one error. It was so vast and so completely incredible that from it a
world of total unreality HAD to emerge.What else COULD come of
it? Its fragmented aspects are fearful enough, as you begin to look at
them. But nothing you have seen begins to show you the enormity
of the original error, which seemed to cast you out of Heaven, to
shatter knowledge into meaningless bits of disunited perceptions, and
to force you to further substitutions.
That was the first projection of error outward.The world arose
to hide it, and became the screen on which it was projected and
drawn between you and the truth. For truth extends INWARD,
where the idea of loss is meaningless, and only increase is
conceivable. Do you really think it strange that a world in which
everything is backwards and upside-down arose from this? For truth
brought to THIS could only remain within in quiet, and take no part
in all the mad projection by which this world was made. Call it not
sin but madness, for such it was, and so it still remains. Invest it not
with guilt, for guilt implies it was accomplished in reality.And above
all, be not AFRAID of it.When you seem to see some twisted form
of the original error rise to frighten you, say only, “God is not fear,
but love,” and it will disappear.
The truth will SAVE you. It has not left you, to go out into the
mad world and so depart from you. Inward is sanity; insanity is
OUTSIDE you.You but BELIEVE it is the other way; that truth is
outside, and error and guilt within.Your little, senseless substitutions,
touched with insanity and swirling lightly off on a mad course like
feathers dancing insanely in the wind, have NO substance.They fuse
and merge and separate, in shifting and totally meaningless patterns
which need not be judged at all. To judge them individually is
pointless.Their tiny differences in form are no real differences at all.
NONE of them matters. THAT they have in common, and nothing
else.Yet what else is NECESSARY to make them all the same?
Let them all go, dancing in the wind, dipping and turning till
they disappear from sight, far, far outside you. And turn you to the
stately calm within, where in holy stillness dwells the living God you
never left, and Who never left you.The Holy Spirit takes you gently
by the hand, and retraces with you your mad journey outside
yourself, leading you gently back to the truth and safety within. He
brings all your insane projections and your wild substitutions which
you have placed outside you to the truth. Thus He reverses the
course of insanity, and restores you to reason.
… continued
4DATJuly 18, 2016 at 4:56 PM
…… continued
In your relationship, where He has taken charge of everything at
your request, He has set the course inward, to the truth you share. In
the mad world outside you, nothing can be shared but only
substituted, and sharing and substituting have nothing in common in
reality.Within yourselves you love each other with a perfect love.
Here is holy ground, in which no substitution can enter, and where
only the truth about each other can abide. Here you are joined in
God, as much together as you are with Him.The original error has
not entered here, nor ever will. Here is the radiant truth, to which
the Holy Spirit has committed your relationship. Let Him bring it
here, where YOU would have it be. Give Him but a little faith in
each other, to help him show you that no substitute you made for
Heaven can keep you from it. In you there IS no separation, and no
substitute can keep you from each other. Your reality was God’s
creation, and HAS no substitute.
You are so firmly joined in truth that only God is there.And He
would never accept something else instead of you. He loves you
both, equally and as one. And as He loves you, so you ARE.You are
not joined together in illusions, but in the Thought so holy and so
perfect that illusions cannot remain to darken the holy place in
which you stand together. God is with you,my brothers. Let us join
in Him in peace and gratitude, and accept His gift as our most holy
and perfect reality, which we share in Him.
Heaven is restored to all the Sonship through your relationship,
for in it lies the Sonship, whole and beautiful, safe in your love.
Heaven has entered quietly, for all illusions have been gently brought
unto the truth in you, and love has shined upon you, blessing your
relationship with truth. God and His whole creation have entered it
together. How lovely and how holy is your relationship, with the
truth shining upon it! Heaven beholds it, and rejoices that you have
let it come to you. The universe within you stands with you,
together. And Heaven looks with love on what is joined in it, along
with its Creator.
Whom God has called should hear no substitutes. Their call is
but an echo of the original error which shattered Heaven.And what
became of peace in those who heard? Return with me to Heaven,
walking together out of this world and through another to the
loveliness and joy the other holds within it.Would you still further
weaken and break apart what is already broken and hopeless? Is it
here that you would look for happiness? Or would you not prefer to
heal what has been broken, and join in making whole what has been
ravaged by separation and disease?
You have been called, together, to the most holy function that
this world contains. It is the only one which has no limits, and reaches
out to every broken fragment of the Sonship with healing and uniting
comfort.This is offered YOU, in your holy relationship.Accept it here,
and you will give as you have accepted.The peace of God is given you
with the glowing purpose in which you join. The holy light that
brought you together must extend, as YOU accepted it. “
Those we wish to condemn are merely our own insane projections of THEM, who are a part of us. Each part contains the Whole.”

Cobra&Isis Astara-Conference, Glarus, notes…

This is a Re-post from this website:

“Nova Biscotti – I’ve created this post for ease of use in finding various translations of the material from the April Ascension Conference in Glarus, Switzerland.  If I’ve missed something, please email me at

Before you scroll down to find the links you’re searching for, please consider taking a brief detour and donating money to Event Reference.  I’ve tried to cover all expenses for this website myself as well as financing various gridwork missions around the world (since May 2015 to be exact).  But we’ve reached the point where the last 20% or so of global missions… our team (including the others doing the traveling to sometimes dangerous locales) can really use extra financial support.  We can see the “Phase Transition” beginning to work after the Brexit vote – even if it did end up (sadly) enriching the Rothschild clan.  The cintamani stones are playing a huge role in helping humanity to wake up… they dissolve the implants which are key to maintaining control over the asleep masses.

Event Reference – PayPal Donations For Gridwork Missions

See Links Below (Note – more will be added until I feel satisfied that all unique translation links are included below – only the first pingbacks in a given language will be referenced below, i.e. one for English, one for German, etc.):


Glarus Ascension Conference Note Pt 1 – Cobra, Saturday, April 16

Glarus Ascension Conference Note Pt 2 – Cobra, Saturday, April 16

Glarus Ascension Conference Note Pt 3 – Isis, Saturday, April 16

Glarus Ascension Conference Note Pt 4 – Cobra, Sunday, April 17

Glarus Ascension Conference Note Pt 5 – Isis, Sunday, April 17


German (Deutsche) – Transinformation (Information zum Wandel) (Cobra 16.April; Pt 1) (Cobra 16.April; Pt 2) (Isis 16.April; Pt 3) (Cobra 17.April; Pt 4) (Isis 17.April; Pt 5)


Portuguese (Português) – Senhora de Sirius (Cobra16 de abril; Pt 1) (Cobra 16 de abril; Pt 2) (Isis 16 de abril; Pt 3) (Cobra 17 de abril; Pt 4)

Link to be added when available (link do site para ser adicionado quando disponível) … (Isis 16 de abril; Pt 5)


Dutch (Nederlands) – (Cobra 16.April; Pt 1) (Cobra 16.April; Pt 2) (Isis 16.April; Pt 3) (Cobra 17.April; Pt 4) (Isis 17.April; Pt 5)


Hungarian (Magyar) – (Cobra 16 április, Pt 1) (Cobra 16 április, Pt 2) (Isis április 16., Pt 3) (Cobra 17 április, Pt 4) (Isis április 17., Pt 5)


French (Francais) – various websites (divers site web)

Link to be added when available (lien de site Web pour être ajouté lorsque disponible) … (Cobra 16 Avril Pt 1) (Cobra 16 Avril Pt 2) (Isis 16 Avril Pt 3) (Cobra 17 Avril Pt 4)

Link to be added when available (lien de site Web pour être ajouté lorsque disponible) … (Isis 17 Avril Pt 5)”



The Goddess of Victory

Goddess Victoria

Dear ones, the time has come to understand we are right before the end of this great battle between light and dark, good and evil. Therefore to invoke the energy of the Goddess of Victory who is leading us into the final stage, ending duality forever, could be an enormous tool. Her vastness being is eternal and no one knows what exactly awaits us, maybe not even the Source itself. As we invoke now the energy of the Goddess Victoria, Athena, Nike, Nephtys, Ereschkigal, which are only a few of her many names, we are able to transcend our lower programming. She can help us to overcome our low thinking about ourselves and others. With her help we can serve the Divine Plan without understanding everything of the circumstances right now. Her energy of speed and skill gives us a blast forward without us doubting ourselves any longer – we just do it, no matter the outcome. Sometimes we might feel, our time never comes, but this is not true, we just do not understand the whole picture. She is here to guide us through the underworld of our subconsciousness. This is essential to understand, as in the moment our subconsciousness is much more guiding the whole, as the rest is not awakened yet. So, Nike is guiding us through the end cycle of duality, the dusk of this old age. This is not the end of her work, it is only a tiny little facet that can help us understand her nature. She indeed is guiding ALL transitions. The exact meaning of the name “Nephtys” means “Death Which is Not Eternal” (!), so she is here to help us make ourselves re-born and when being whole-healed again, to ascend. Her energy helps us overcome our shadows through understanding and integrating them, becoming whole by allowing to be who we are. Her presence is to connect us mystically with the Source, I AM presence of our own divine being. She connects us with I AM that I AM. In first glance it can be very touching, as she remembers us of everything forgotten, our past and also of our yet uncovered aspects of the future, bringing it into the NOW. As soon as we allow her to affect us, we start a journey into our shadows, that can be uncomfortable but very healing, and it can as well be very positively surprising, as she brings EVERYTHING hidden to the surface, also the good things. In this intense time, as it gets more visible everyday, soon we will have arrived in the new age, being amazed how we finally made it. We can connect with her, as she is one of the main forces behind the liberation together with her twin soul Marduk, who as well is an ascended master of the light who can be invoked to transmit many many characteristics of magic of light. Their time will come, as after the liberation of planet earth, they will have reached their goal of conquering the dark forces with justice, power, love and mercy and much wisdom of the new age. In the new age many things are treated differently and we can invoke their presence to teach us how to do that. Ereschkigals friendship and loyalty to Ishtar-Isis is legendary, also if not reported like that always in history. There are many misunderstood teachings of all those mysteries. For example, in the old testament God is called JAHWE and that being is the same being like Jaho, Satan, Seth. So it should not take us wonder that Ishtar sometimes was described as bloodthirsty and Ereschkigal as Goddess of the underworld is misunderstood. The truth is, Ereschkigal and Marduk where always fighing against Jaho-Seth-Satan. As we know, history has been rewritten by dark forces, we must read all that is available, observe and make our own conclusions.

We have learned the ascended masters are guiding us from their ships and we are just transmitting and anchoring their energies. Right now, many of the ascended masters that are guiding us, have certain tasks together, for example Isis and Ashtar, Isis and Toth, Isis and Marduk, Nephtys and Ashtar, Ashtar and St.Germain, Nephtys and Isis and so on. Their energies are all inter-connected and they connect in the way circumstances appear.

Back to the Goddess of Victory, I so love the expression in this statue, it represents her energy so beautifully. She is my personal Heroe and when I think at her I must cry many times, as this angel has a very touching energy. She helps healing our emotional body, Goddess of the Sea, Goddess of emotions and she has the ability to make our chaotic life appear as a shiny diamond. She helps us polish our facets, to unveil a symphony of beauty.

At the end I would like to share an invocation:

Wherever She Goes,
We will follow,
Through heavens and hells
We will attempt to stay
In her wake, made for us!
Athena the unstoppable!
Our call for Justice
Has been heard
Though there is also it seems
A time to fight.
Athena! Please champion us!
Whoever has you as their leader
Is the best  in battle, the strongest  too,
Not only in their powers,
But of those from you.
Wherever you take us, Athena
We follow with trust
For justice and truth,
Take us where you must!
The invocation is from this site, there are many more poems that can give us an idea about her energy. Enjoy! I would like you to understand that those invocations are NOT because the ascended masters want or need to be worshipped the way some might understand it. The prayers are to attract their divine energy to ease our lifes as much as possible. As we speak an invocation we lift our own aspect according to the angel invoked, we strengthen our Nephtys-aspect inside; this is the secret.

You can read some Templar texts here, up to now only in german:

♥ ♥ ♥ Divine blessings of Goddess Nephtys ♥ ♥ ♥


Victory of the Light!






❤ ❤ ❤ ANGEL NEPHTYS ❤ ❤ ❤

             Goddess of Transition

                     by Moonwater Ashwood

“I am with thee; I shall protect thy limbs forever, eternally.”
The Laments of Isis and Nephthys, Berlin papyrus 14225, circa 18th Dynasty (1550-1292 BCE)
“Death Which Is Not Eternal”
Death Which Is Not Eternal, That is my essence,
That is my title,
That is my promise.
I am Nephthys,
Twin sister of Isis,
Loving sister of Osiris,
Sister-wife of Set.
I was revered for millenia,
Guiding the souls of the dead,
Protecting the mighty Pharaohs,
Soothing the grief-stricken.
Yet who remembers me now?
The conquering tribes have
Erased me, sealing me away
In dark corners and tombs,
Spreading fear in their wake.
There was a time when I
Brought comfort and love
In times of sorrow;
Now death is seen with fear,
Anger, and disgust.
There was a time when death
Was a time of celebration,
A glorious ascension into the
Great Mysteries beyond this
Earthly realm; no more.
It is for that loss of innocence
And faith that I now weep.
“I am Nephthys; I am come; I lay hold of thee; I have put
thy heart into thy body for thee.”
The Pyramid Texts, circa 3000 BCE

Deprogram Atlantis

Create with the sacred symbols

Every Saturday from 7:00-7:30 pm UTC until the next symbol


time zone converter:



Let us remove the programmming of the atlantean trauma from our consciousness!
The momentous state of consciousness of most humans is only the tip of the iceberg of what we truly are. Why do most humans not remember their past lives or only small parts? Our great forgetting of nearly everything is likewise a loss of our original abilities. This lack of reaching of our own being is part of the reason why the world remains in the narcotic belief system which is manifested as the veil. Trauma is and has been used to program consciousness of living creatures. During a trauma the traumatized person will be kicked out of their reality. Everything that happens or is said during the trauma is a determining in the unconsciousness, a new-programming. This new programs work without us being able to do anything and they establish nearly everything we think, do and feel until we get aware of them and dissolve them. This is why I would ask you to join me in this very powerful operation. It will further awaken us and the collective field from the anesthesia, strenghten our abilies and therefore make it easier for us to create the world we want to live in.



Atlantis deprogram 1

  1. Start at 7:00 pm UTC. Concentrate with your physical eyes on this picture while you perceive yourself with all other angels of light taking part in a circle around Atlantis. Meditate like this for the duration of 15 minutes.


atlantis lotus

2. Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes, still in the circle around Atlantis. Visualize yourself sitting in a big white lotus flower. In our middle is an even bigger white lotus flower, inside of it is Atlantis. See also the word “Atlantis” in that white lotus flower. Stay connected like this for another 15 minutes. Feel and observe, whatever it is.


Here you can join on Facebook.

Weekly Event Meditation by Cobra

Post from Cobra:

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Weekly Event Meditation

It is still of the utmost importance for as many people a possible to join our Weekly Meditation each Sunday. The light forces have instructed us to change Weekly Liberation Meditation into Weekly Event Meditation to change focus from the process of liberation into manifesting the Event as soon as possible.

This meditation helps the Light forces to ground the energy of Light on the surface of the planet to strengthen the Light grid which is needed to speed up the process of compression breakthrough. Number of people doing that meditation is the single most influential factor within the power of the surface human population for speeding up the timing of the Event.

We are always doing this meditation at 7 pm GMT each Sunday, regardless of winter / summer time. You can convert 7 pm GMT to your local time zone here:
Or here:

1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness

2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to speed up the process towards the Disclosure and the Event.
3. Visualize a beam of Light emanating from your Soul Star chakra (8 inches / 20 centimeters above your head) into the Soul Star chakras of everybody meditating

4. Visualize the now collective beam of Light expanding into the Earth energy grid and connecting with Soul Star chakras of every sentient being on the surface of the planet, below the surface of the planet and throughout the Solar System. Visualize all beings involved in the Earth situation being harmonized with the purpose of manifesting the Disclosure and the Event as soon as possible in a positive way. Visualize all plasma strangelet and toplet bombs being harmlessly removed. Visualize all other exotic weapon technologies being exposed and then removed effortlessly. Visualize full Disclosure massive intel releases about the extraterrestrial presence and secret space programs through the mass media. Visualize the Event taking place, finally liberating planet Earth.

If you feel so guided, you can continue meditating with former Weekly Liberation Meditation (or certain parts of that meditation that appeal to you) after you finish our Weekly Event Meditation.
Instructions are here:
Youtube video for our new Weekly Event Meditation will be created soon and posted in my blog.
Victory of the Light!

°°°♥°♥°♥°♥°♥°°°NEW ATL*AN*TIS°°°♥°♥°♥°♥°♥°°°

Atlantis is re-emerging from the dephts of our unconsciousness into our full awareness right now, birthing the New Atlantis.

We are bringing it into life through remembering our divine I AM presence and all the resulting consequences.

Ancient wisdom new discovered and revived, integrated into the Age of Aquarius. Mergence of sun and moon, mergence of past and future in the present, the spiralconsciousness, the consciousness of united God/Goddess.

Divine grace and bliss washing away all tears and sorrow until miraculous creation surprises itself with infinite beauty.


Berlin Vortex Hexagram

Berlin Vortex 8 Berlin Vortex 6 Berlin Vortex 10 Berlin Vortex 7Berlin Vortex 9

Last week we put the vortex of Berlin into such a Hexagram as described here, a big one around the dome of Berlin, so other important buildings and places where included…… after this tour, at the end, we visited again our first spot and we only then saw this statue…… This really took our breath because while looking nearer and understanding it, it is very interesting: This staue stands besides the oldest church in Berlin called “Nikolaikirche”. And right besides the church is this statue. She has no clothing, only a soft cloth which does not represent any social thing about her. This means she does not belong to any institution, so it is not a queen or princess or nobility. Her upper body is naked and she has no shoes, also no hair dress, her hair is long but plaited without any accessoires, also she has no jewelry. Under her feet is a roman suit of armor and a roman helmet. She makes a gesture as if she was holding a spear, yet there is no spear. The expression in her face is completely balanced, pure and focused, relaxed and concentrated. She expresses inner strength and greatness, she makes the impression of being completely soft and virtuous.

Our interpretation of this statue was that she represents the victory of the light over the old empire which has its roots in the roman time. The speer symbolizes the victory over the forces that she has conquered, what is under her feet, the powers that supress humanity. As she has no spear, her weapon is not material, her weapon is love. This is symbolized through the open upper body. She is not a warlike being and this is shown through the expression in her face, her gesture and the whole posture. The long hair represents the spiritual power and that it is plaited is a sign of her virtuosity.
She does not need shoes, clothes, jewelry, hairdress, physical weapons. She only needs being virtous and this is why she is a Goddess, not human.
Which is the most amazing thing is, that she is standing besides of the oldest church, waiting there since hundreds of years for the victory of light. So those who built it, knew, the time would come one day.

Berlin Vortex 5 Berlin Vortex 4 Berlin Vortex 2 Berlin Vortex 1

♥ ♥ ♥ Let us free the name of Isis from all distortions ♥ ♥ ♥

Rose Isis

Let us visualize the name of Isis inside of a red rose and feel how the rose absorbs all distortions and false programmings that was and is done with and in that name. After concentrating on that we can bring the rose into the central sun and observe how it explodes into light. No special date or time this time, just anytime.


We can do this as well with the word “Maria” and “Jesus Christ”, because humanity was programmed to feel as sinners in connection with Maria, pleasing her to forgive them. Of course it is good to forgive and to ask for forgiveness, but Maria was used by bad intent by the cabal to manipulate humanity. I wonder how many would have visited the churches without mercyful Maria. The crucified Jesus was misused to make the masses believe that their sins are the reason why he had to die for them. He was killed because he was teaching to people that they are powerful. This is why he was crucified, not because he had to redeem us from our sins. His life may have been a sacrifice, yes – because all higher evolved beings that incarnate into a lower dimension do a sacrifice, as such things are not joyful for them. Joyful in an advanced sense, as they see humanity being saved, yet, for themselves throughout those lifetimes it is not their highest joy to experience lower dimensions.


We can clear everything like this, also our own names, birthdates, adress, family connections, patterns that cause disease or negative emotions. The rose helps with everything. Important is, to let it explode afterwards inside of the central sun or in a huge violet flame, so the absorbed energies can truly be transformed and to observe this.


So much love for you everyone, ascension is coming our ways. Truly, love is victorious.

Transform the Jesuits-negative-emotions-programming-network!

Maria Schlange Isaisweiher

Many of the churches have spheres with antennas on their tops and a Goo stone under the altar. Those are technologies used on purpose since hundreds of years. The sphere-antenna technology is actually a Vril-free-energy-technology sending and strenghtening the emotions/informations that are being created in the churches and amplified through the Goo stones. Emotions are the most powerful manifestation tool. In most of the cases emotions created in churches through the misuse and in the name of Jesus Christ and Maria are variations of fear, shame, guilt and suffering, sadism and masochism despite the good intent of the visitors. The crucified Jesus Christ hanging directly under the sending spheres indeed shows very visible what the masses experience on their own skin, blasphemically in the open, yet staying unrealized (the true message of Christ was that he wanted us to understand that we are creators). The energy of the catholic rituals done in public -and very abusive rituals secretly- is also sent out in this way and manifested in the unconsciousness of humanity. So not all of humanity has to visit the churches, as the emotions and informations created and amplified there are sent out for all beings. Now we will use that technology for the positive direction, for deprogramming those exact patterns. We will create fields of higher dimensional structure through the use of free energy symbols of divine light. We will bury stones with symbols (see below) in the shape of a Hexagram around the churches. All 11 symbols are getting burried at every single spot of the 6 spots around one church. This symbols will enable higher dimensional beings to work directly within this dimension. 48 hours after the stones will have been buried, the field of divine light will have reached its full power and is able to solve all negative structures created by the catholic church and all related minions. The churches then are sending the positive information through the technology that is already working since hundreds of years. This fields of divine light have an unstoppable power and they bring the divine plan besides many other things many people are doing on this planet into physical reality. The plasma octupus recently described by Cobra here can only stay as long as the guilt-, shame-, fear- and suffering-patterns are present. Karma and debt-slavery-financial-system are guilt-shame-fear-suffering-sadism-masochism-programs, implemented through the fitting emotions. So the head of the octopus is guilt, shame, fear and suffering, this is the attachement point which we are removing personally, globally and through actions like this one.


Gold Symbole

Example stones


You need acryl color or Edding (I use gold acryl color because gold has fastest speed in transmitting information) and stones.

Paint the symbols on the stones, so for every spot all symbols are present, this means for every church 66 small paintings. If the stones are big enough you can draw several symbols on one stone.

Bury them around a church in the shape of a Hexagram (two overlapping triangles). The size of this Hexagram can also be a bit bigger, for example up to 500 meters, it can also be directly put around the church. As well other buildings with a sphere-antenna technology can be put into such a field, actually every space can. Maybe somone wants to do this in Long Island. This symbols can not be misused, they transform everything into divine light for the highest good of all that is.

After burying, say the following on every spot:


Vril, Vril, Vril,

Nomil, Nomil, Nomil,

Sentil, Sentil, Sentil,

Avatara, Avatara, Avatara,

Unaluur, Unaluur, Unaluur,

Uun, Uun, Uun,

Tiran, Tiran, Tiran,

Palun, Palun, Palun,

Paradies, Paradies, Paradies,

Elomin, Elomin, Elomin,  (….not: Elohim)

Sandyl, Sandyl, Sandyl,


to work here in this Vortex at this exact spot (adress of spot, area, town) and also through the ethereal network technologies in and on the churches in (place, town, country, continent,the whole planet earth) and to transform all dark, sadistic, masochistic, guilt-, shame-, fear- and suffering-creating energies into divine light and to remove all energies that cause illness and to delete all energies that limit the flow of divine light, now and forever for all beings in all times, all spaces, all dimensions and for the whole creation. So be it, so it is, now until eternity, thank you. ABRACADABRA, ABRACADABRA, ABRACADABRA.”

Bless the stones and thank. If you want you can additionally ask for protection of the stones for the next 48 hours. When the stones are more than 48 present there, the field will be there, no matter what will happen to the stones.

You can please Archangel Michael for protection of the stones. Or you can say: “Oos, oos, oos, please protect the stones for the next 48 hours with a cloak.”

During this speech it is of significance that we say the names of the symbols 3 times.

Thank you all, dearest lights, for participating, this is also much joy, if you do it at least as 2 persons, this is quite fun. Enjoy! So much loooooooooveeeeee to all of you!!! Be blessed!



Berliner Dom

Berliner Dom



Lichtsymbol 13

VRIL (order in chaos)

Lichtsymbol 11

NOMIL (quantum leap)

Lichtsymbol 9

SENTIL (key symbol of time codon, deletes and harmonizes fear °°° time-freedom)

Lichtsymbol 10

AVATARA (represents the highest dimension, healing on all levels, frees from all lower-dimensional negative boundaries)

Lichtsymbol 8

UNALUUR (divine Source)

Lichtsymbol 7

UUN (group spirit in divine guidance, realizing projects of divine light)

Lichtsymbol 5

TIRAN (carma dissolving – reduces collective suffering)

Lichtsymbol 6

PALUN (partnership on all levels, gathering of soul families)

Lichtsymbol 3

PARADIES (transforms guilt on all levels)

Lichtsymbol 1

ELOMIN (end of all manipulation, reconnecting to Source, complete freedom)

Lichtsymbol 4

SANDYL (hope and liberation, angel of the fallen, straighten them into the divine light)


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