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Eros awake

on the ship, lets call it Lalelu

when i meet a nice galactic brother

and he shows me something in the golden book



~because there is no suffering in heaven and no doubts and noone would ever give up on his one true love~


when i am on the ship

reading the golden book

i take the letters out of the book

because the letters want that

they want to come to me

i let the letters flow into my hands

i watch them how they look like on my fingertips

and i raise my arms

so the letters can flow and run down my arms

until they reach my body

they are melting

on my skin

and they are running down on my skin

greedy and crazy to soon

enter into the finest particle of my physical body

to let every atom reach out from within

they can not sink deep enough

into my cells

they want to whistle to me how eternity wants to be like

everytime they do that 

they will find newer ways

and everytime they are getting more hungry

to whistle to me

longing for more

oh I forgot to leave the ship

its too late now



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